Malta, Camoranesi confirmed new coach of Floriana FC

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS) – Mauro German Camoranesi is the new coach of Floriana FC. The news was confirmed by Floriana FC, after it was revealed on the Facebook page of the television program “Replay” aired on Net TV.
Camoranesi, a former Italian international player who played for Juventus, arrived in Malta and was welcomed by the President of the club, Johann Said, and by the Director of Floriana, Sean Sullivan. The news comes after Floriana made an official offer to the former winner of the 2006 World Cup, who in the last few days was also in Malta for negotiations between the two parties.
Camoranesi indicated that he wanted to accept the offer made to him by the management of Floriana FC and signed the contract with the club.
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