The “Forest of violins” of the Val di Fiemme “will descend from the mountains and will reach the lowlands of Cremona, a few meters from the burial of the greatest master of violin making Antonio Stradivari. In the days when the Lombard city will celebrate its violin and musical tradition with the Cremona Musica International Exhibitions and Festival 2019, from September 21st parts of spruces destroyed by the storm Vaia will be exhibited in Piazza Roma in Cremona to raise awareness of environmental issues. Other fir trees will be located near the exhibition pavilions.

From 4.00 pm on September 21st in Bertazzola del Torrazzo the photographic exhibition ‘Rinascita con la musica’ will be opened, which will allow visitors to retrace and see the images of the disastrous event that in October 2018 in a few hours has brought down hundreds of thousands of spruces.

To complete this week of events on the evening of 28 September, the Pianolink Silent Wifi Concert for piano and guitar is scheduled in the Piazza del Comune di Cremona at 9.00 pm. The listeners, through headphones connected wifi, from every point of the square, will be able to enjoy the exhibition through a sort of personalized audition.
The initiatives will be implemented with the support of the Lombardy Region which, in 2019,holds the European presidency of EUSALP – an agreement signed between Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland and Liechtenstein and their 48 regions and autonomous provinces that are located around the Alpine chain for the development of a macro-regional strategy.